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Arizona Lottery Lucky For Life

14 Jan

The Arizona Lottery has launched a new scratch off game called Lucky For Life and it comes in $1, $2, $5, and $10 versions. The premise of this new game is the top prize are all prizes where you get a certain amount of winnings every week for 20 years. The lottery pays out the prize yearly or you can get a payment of all of it up front, though the amount is much less.

The $1 version of the Lucky for Life scratcher has prizes of $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $15, $40, $100, $1000, and $500 a week for 20 years. If you win the top prize the lottery will give you $26,000 a year for 20 years ($520,000) or take a one time payment of $338,000 Continue reading


Arizona Lottery King Size Crossword

23 Oct

The Arizona lottery has released a $10 king size crossword ticket. The ticket has prizes of $10,$20,$30, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $10,000, and $100,000. This game has one set of call letters you scratch off and 2 different puzzles you match up the letters to, a red one and a black one. Depending on how many complete word you have scratched on each puzzle, will depend on the cash prize that you win.

Here is the prize structure for the King Size Crossword game: Continue reading

Arizona Lottery Slingo Trio

11 Dec

The Slingo Trio is a new $5 scratcher from the Arizona Lottery. It is a new scratch off that was just released in December of 2012. There are 3 separate games on this card that all use the slingo number board on the ticket. You start by scratching off your slingo numbers on the board that is on the right side of the entire ticket. You can scratch them one by one or all at once and then match them up to the numbers on the 3 games on the left side of the ticket. A number is only going to appear once in the left side so there is no way you will match a 5 on game one and there also be a 5 on game three. Continue reading

Arizona Lottery Black Pearls

7 Nov

On November 6th, 2012 the Arizona Lottery released a new $5 scratch off ticket called Black Pearls. The game is a match the winning numbers to your numbers to win up to $50,000. This is one of 4 scratch off tickets that were released at the same time from the Arizona Lottery.

The prizes for this game are $5,$10,$25,$50,$100,$250,$500,$1000, and $50,000. There is also a couple of bonuses like most other scratcher games from the Arizona Lottery. If you uncover a oyster symbol, you win that prize automatically and if you scratch off a “$$” symbol, you win double that prize. There is also a small game that you scratch off on the back and if you uncover a diamond ring symbol, you win that prize as well. Continue reading

Arizona Lottery Sweet Winnings

8 Oct

The Arizona Lottery has started out the holiday season with a new scratcher. I usually do not like how early holiday stuff come out, but the lottery needs some time to actually sell the game, so I am OK with a holiday scratcher coming out a few days into October.

The Sweet Winnings scratch off game is a $5 ticket with a top prize of $50,000 and other prizes of $5,$10,$15,$20,$50,$100,$500, and $1000. Continue reading

Arizona Lottery Cash Blast

26 Sep

Let me start by saying that it is possible that I am not going to keep doing these Arizona Lottery scratch off posts if I keep losing. I bet you can guess how this post is going to end.

I bought a Cash Blast scratcher today hoping to win the big $50,000 top prize, but of course, I didn’t win the top prize. In fact, I didn’t win any prize. I am a little superstitious when it comes to buying scratchers so if I would have known this was the number 001 ticket from the batch, I probably would have chosen something different. Of course, it might not have made a difference at all and I am sure there are 001 number tickets that win plenty, but I don’t like that one. Continue reading

Arizona Lottery Table Stakes

25 Sep

The Arizona Lottery offers a fun new scratcher game called Table Stakes. It is a $5 game and you can win up to $50,000 instantly. Like all lottery scratch off games, this one is pretty easy to play and there is not much to it. It is great for those people who need instant gratification and play scratchers rather than draw games where you have to wait to see if you win. Continue reading