Arizona Lottery Cash 4

28 Aug

Arizona Lottery Cash 4

Arizona Cash 4 Lottery game is a draw game that you pick 4 number from 1 to 26. This is not a 4 digit game, but a draw game. Meaning that the numbers 1255 would never come up since there is only 1, 5 ball in the mix. You can think of it like there are 26 balls in a machine, numbered 1-26 and they pick out 4 of them and those numbers are the winning numbers. They used to do this exact thing to draw the winners, but the Arizona Lottery, like most other states, are using random number generators to draw their in state lottery games.

This game is drawn at around 9:35pm Monday-Saturday and you can buy tickets up to 9:30pm and once the drawing is completed, you can purchase tickets for the next drawing.

The Arizona Cash 4 game is a $2 game with the top prize being $10,000 for matching all 4 of your chosen numbers to the winning numbers. You can also win $2 with 2 correct numbers and $25 with 3 of the 4 numbers correct. You can choose your own numbers or ask the retailer to give you a quick pick and the computer will choose the numbers for you. You can buy your ticket for up to 12 consecutive draws for the game. If you are playing one board, this is 2 weeks worth of drawings for $24 since the game is a $2 game.

Over the last 180 draws, the 4 numbers that have been drawn the most are 18,14,13,3 and the 4 numbers that have been drawn the least are 20,7,2,25. This does not necessarily mean you should run out and buy a ticket with 2-7-20-25 as the winning numbers because with a random number generator choosing the numbers, the combination of 1-2-3-4 has the same exact chance of coming up and really all the numbers should come up equally over the life of the number generator. For those people that think the odds are in their favor though, this is a really good combination of numbers and you just might try it out.

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